Opening of a new – not owning a restaurant restaurant

For someone that considering going into the restaurant business or someone who wants to see something a little better results from your existing here in the restaurant to take seriously.

Here it is:

Not owning a restaurant. Owning a business strategic.

I could – and a day-writing an entire book on this subject. Until then, here is the “Flaco” for you, 9 features that make your success chances restaurant (in the section “Strategic business owner”):

The restaurant owner

Spends most time working “in” business
Assumes the best food and service will cause the client to beat a path to your door
Think “everyone” needs food and “everyone” should you wish to
Considers that team in the kitchen, the furniture in the dining room and the building that the restaurant is located in the largest assets
Can’t see any other form of making more profits in your restaurant sale which is more food than focuses on the creation of a “transactional” income
Try to win the game of marketing itself
Has a working
Strategic company owner

Spends most time working “in” business
Have a marketing plan and creates special customer return reasons
Have a clear idea of your “ideal customer” and knows exactly what people want and don’t want
Know your business’s largest active customer list is a freak of adding more customers to it all the time and remains with them incessantly
Your mind is open to creative ways to add more products with value-added services and happy customers and eagerly buy
Focuses on the creation of a “relationship” income
Is always on a lookout for profitable opportunities for joint venture with local companies
Is the owner of a real business

Some of these may appear cryptic. Many seem to fly against the common sense “restaurant marketing”.

You are, and do so.

Print this list and place it in a place where will often see you. More read these sense that more will make to you. And better understand them, the greater the likelihood of creating a profitable and successful restaurant.

The creation of a successful restaurant business is never easy. However, it can be simple if you follow the restaurant marketing formula.


About Bill Joyce

Been an owner operator in NYC and Atlanta for ovwer 20 years. Been around the block a few times, both good and hard. I work with many operators now helping with non traditional funding and mentoring for new owners especially
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